Physicians and Psychologists Upset by Gag Law on Fracking Chemicals

The Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, requires companies to provide the names of chemicals and gases used in fracking, to a state-maintained registry. An added legislative conference provision of HB1950 CL58 included a gag order for health professionals,  “The vendor, service provider or operator may request, and the health professional shall provide upon request, a written statement of need and a confidentiality agreement from the health professional as soon as circumstances permit, in conformance with regulations promulgated under this chapter.”

In a nut shell, physicians can receive information for patients suspected of illness from fracking chemicals, but are gagged from letting those patients know the cause of their illness.

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  • I just came across this information about a radiation-polluted lake in Russia, and the section below reminded me of the recent “gag order” news in Pennsylvania, related to fracking.

    “Due to the fact that attending doctors were not allowed by the military to mention ‘chronic radiation sickness’ in their diagnoses for fear it would reveal the nature of the facility, patients were simply told they had ‘astheno-vegetative syndrome’ and medical records simply recorded vague terms such as ‘special disease’. 66 people would ultimately succumb to the sickness, plus another 49 to 55 to radiation-induced cancer.”

    See information about the Russian lake at the following “Basement Geographer” post, which provides a reference list at the bottom: .

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