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Rachel2008-3aHello, and welcome to the fall issue.  If you missed the tri-chapter conference last month in whole or in part, please avail yourself of the recaps published here, and refer to the links to additional conference information.  Several chapter members were on the Planning Committee and deserve a round of applause for their efforts in the implementation and success of the conference: Cynthia McClellan, Andrea Kenyon, Gary Kaplan, Gina Kaiser, Nancy Calabretta, Anne Seymour, Kevin Block, Mary Alice Cicerale, Sheryl Panka-Bryman, Ellen Justice, Lenore Hardy, Linda Katz, and Etheldra Templeton.  I know that a couple of us, Lydia Witman and myself, also joined Gary in  videotaping librarians for a recruitment project; I also set up the conference Twitter account and tweeted whenever I could.  I apologize if I missed anyone.

Please note that the deadline is quickly approaching for MLA continuing education grants and scholarships, meeting grants, and a traveling fellowship.  As was noted in the Fundraising/Grantsmanship presentation on the last day of the conference by Patricia Pasqual of the Foundation Center and Claudia Perry of Queens College, scholarships, grants, and fellowships support your own professional growth, so please do take advantage of them whenever you can.

Congratulations to the individuals who were recently promoted; also to those recently published or presented; and best of luck to those who have moved to new appointments.   And a big Wow! regarding the interesting discovery at the Wistar Institute.  Details within….  This issue’s Member & Library News column was edited by Sheryl Panka-Bryman.  It might not be uncommon to find a librarian who is a quilter, but you might also be interested to know that member Deb Miller is also…well, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.  Jo-Anne Babish presents Meet Your Fellow Chapter Member: Deb Miller.

I always thought PowerPoint® was the be-all and end-all of presentation software.  Not so, says Carlos Rodriquez in this issue’s TechnoHumanist Corner.  And don’t forget to check out Janet Clinton’s Calendar, listing events sponsored by our chapter and other organizations.

Just a note:  Gary Kaplan and I are looking for a designer for the Chronicle.  We were thinking that this would be a good opportunity for a library school student interested in the health sciences to build his or her resume by providing service to a professional organization, gain formatting experience, and have access to the latest news about healthcare librarianship in the region.  While a good sense of humor would be helpful, it would also be helpful to be able to format photographs for size and quality, have html experience, and have access to software to create a PDF version of the newsletter.  If interested, please contact me or Gary:

The deadline for Volume 28, Number 1 of the Chronicle is March 1, 2010.

Rachel Resnick
Communications Committee Chair, 2009-2011

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